We address key challenges for large enterprises looking for disruptive technology solutions.

  • Gaining line of sight into relevant industry innovation
  • De-risking their pipeline of innovation via infrastructure industry insight and technology due diligence
  • Access to entrepreneurial talent and cultural adaptation
  • Increasing the odds of success for intrapreneurial efforts
  • Lack of innovation service opportunity

61% of companies use open innovation, a decentralized approach centered around collaborating with other companies that have the knowledge and/or the capabilities they need to innovate. (2017 PwC Benchmark)

We address key challenges for young companies with great technology.

  • Avoiding costly mistakes. While 90% of startups fail, but 70% fail in years 2 – 5, primarilyk due to execution risk. This is the main focus of the SCW Venture Studio
  • Keys are:
    • Access to the right talent
    • Access to the right capital
    • Access to the market / customer and partner acquisition

We support investors in identifying and validating compelling deals.

  • Higher returns
  • Access to curated deal flow
  • Gaining the benefit of lower price points, but with a lower risk profile
  • Increased market access for portfolio companies
  • Increased talent access for portfolio companies

Early-stage investors want to mitigate their innately high risks in exchange for high returns. Specifically:

  • Technological Risk
  • Market Risk
  • Personal Risk