Rocket Wagon Venture Studios appoints Jochen “Joe” Renz as Managing Director New Mobility

Managed by serial entrepreneurs, New Mobility, a Rocket Wagon Venture Studio works with corporations and startup entrepreneurs to build digital ecosystems across traditional industry boundaries

Chicago, IL – May 7th, 2019: Rocket Wagon Venture Studios, a family of vertically aligned, IoT-focused startup venture studios focused on building next-generation Internet of Things (IoT) companies, today announced the appointment of Jochen’ Joe’ Renz as Managing Director of New Mobility, a Rocket Wagon Venture Studio. The New Mobility studio will focus on building digital information ecosystems around the convergence of smart mobility and transportation with energy, telecommunications, banking, and insurance.

“Joe brings his tremendous network to the company and has developed a strong reputation as a pragmatic thought leader, rooted in integrity and trust in the ecosystem”, said Don DeLoach, a serial entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of Rocket Wagon Venture Studios. “We share the vision of a hyper-connected world enabled by the Internet of Things (IoT) and the convergence of technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, blockchains and distributed ledger technologies (DLTs), edge computing and more. We are convinced that by bringing together corporations, startups and investors with seasoned entrepreneurs in a new mobility focused venture studio, we provide the optimal environment to create impactful innovations and build successful new businesses.”

“We believe that the disruptive trends of connected and autonomous mobility, the shift to electric vehicles and the emergence of autonomous, on demand, shared mobility services create massive opportunities for innovation. With the New Mobility studio, we provide investors, corporate partners and entrepreneurs the environment to build companies which deliver innovations faster, with lower risk and greater chances of success” says Joe Renz.

IoT and exponential technologies enable new business models that will transform traditional industry value chains into a new mobility ecosystem. “As we explore opportunities, we take a holistic view of the emerging ecosystem of mobility far beyond traditional siloed value chains. The New Mobility revolution will not only disrupt business models of original equipment manufacturers and suppliers, but also mobility service providers and public transportation, car dealers and aftermarket services, energy providers and utilities, telecommunications, and media to banking and insurance but also real estate, retail, and other sectors. The New Mobility studio will build digital ecosystems based on data generated by connected things” stated Joe Renz.

Rocket Wagon Venture Studios is a company builder where innovative minds and technology entrepreneurs realize disruptive innovation unconstrained by corporate policies, existing business models and legacy technology. The company will realize technology-driven business model innovations that are based on the convergence of IoT with robotics, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality and distributed ledger technologies.

“Corporations are focused on their existing business models and often lack access to top tech talent or visibility into emerging innovations. They are also not well positioned to develop disruptive technology innovations that traverse multiple industries and build on the convergence of multiple technologies,” added Don DeLoach. Likewise, for startup entrepreneurs to be successful in the progression to the cyber-physical world, they require not only cross-industry expertise and deep relationships but also in-depth knowledge of emerging business models enabled by a converged technology stack.”

Entrepreneurs and developers will find the New Mobility studio as an environment where they can focus their energy on building amazing innovations and lean on established corporate functions such as finance, legal, human resources, and marketing. Rocket Wagon Venture Studios will provide the New Mobility studio and its entrepreneurs with a converged technology stack based on robust core components and associated patterns and practices to accelerate development and unleash synergies across several vertically focused studios.

About Jochen “Joe” Renz
As a Co-Founder and Managing Partner at New Mobility Consulting and advisor to several startups, Joe has been at the forefront of the digital transformation of mobility and transportation for several years. He is a frequent speaker, recognized thought leader and advisor to corporations, startups, and investors. Over the years Joe has developed not only a vast network amongst corporations, startups, and investors but also a strong reputation as a pragmatic thought leader with the ability to get stuff done.

Renz holds a Masters of Engineering Science degree in Systems & Control from the University of New South Wales, Australia, and a Diploma Engineer in the field of Electronics from the Hochschule Heilbronn für Technik, Wirtschaft und Informatik in Germany.

Joe currently serves as Founding Board Member of the Illinois Autonomous Vehicles Association. He is also the co-founder and Director of the New Mobility Lab. He is on the advisory board of Global Blockchain Ventures and an advisor to the IOTA Foundation.

“I look forward to working with our corporate partners, startups, and investors in building the future of mobility,” says Joe.

About Rocket Wagon Venture Studios

Rocket Wagon Venture Studios will be creating Internet of Things companies. The model is a parent company providing shared services for a number of either vertically aligned IoT studios or studios focused on the interests of a single captive corporate investor wanting a studio as their skunkworks operation for a line of sight into innovation.

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