The Value of Venture Studios in Building Human-Centric Systems of Systems

Rocket Wagon Venture Studios’ New Mobility team understands the car as an important building block in the future of multi-modal mobility. However, much of disruptive innovation happens in the form of solutions around the car and in the broader mobility ecosystem. The digital transformation of mobility and transportation has far reaching implications for consumers, industry and the public sector.

Mobility is critical to economic and social development, and must therefore be accessible and affordable to everyone. The New Mobility Studio goes far beyond the car itself, taking a holistic view of the emerging smart mobility and transportation space (aka New Mobility). We view the Internet of Things (IoT) as a key enabler to create a “Human-Centric System-of-Systems” where traditionally siloed industry value chains – including mobility and transportation, energy and telecommunications – converge to form a new ecosystem around the consumer.

As we explore opportunities in mobility and transportation, we look beyond existing product-based business models and explore IoT-centric models where we think of physical assets as delivering a specific outcome or service at the lowest possible cost, greater convenience or lower environmental impact.

We believe that the disruptive trends of connected and autonomous mobility, the shift to electric vehicles, and the emergence of on-demand, shared mobility services will create massive opportunities for innovation. In delivering these innovations, we take advantage of the IoT revolution and exponential technologies including Blockchains and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs), Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Edge and Cloud Computing.

The New Mobility Studio has as its foundation in a converged technology stack based on robust core components and associated patterns and practices to accelerate development efforts and unleash synergies across our vertically-focused studios.

By leveraging Rocket Wagon Venture Studios’ standards and best practices, we ensure the interoperability of our solutions not only with our sister studios (i.e. Network + Telecommunications and Smart City), but also with the broader New Mobility Ecosystem.

We believe that the emergence of a Human-Centric System of Systems is inevitable, given the already disruptive and mutually reinforcing trends of connected, autonomous, shared and electric mobility. The Human-Centric System of Systems is enabled by low cost sensors, ubiquitous connectivity, cloud computing and advancements in artificial intelligence, and will also create new opportunities to radically rethink the status quo considering the convergence of technologies such as Blockchain and DLTs, Mesh Networks, Edge Computing, Open Data Commons and distributed AI.

We believe that innovation emerges at intersections of industries as digitization enables new cross-industry ecosystems and leads to the emergence of new business models that extend far beyond existing siloed industry value chains.

Emerging technologies will make it possible to establish a next generation, shared technology infrastructure that will create new opportunities for incumbent players to change the rules of the game established by the platform economy.

We believe that the kind of innovations we seek to drive are best accomplished in the context of an independent venture studio in a position to execute against a bold vision.

At the same time, several of the industries that play a role in the future of mobility have characteristics that make close collaboration with corporate partners valuable. For instance, energy is mission critical and requires large players to manage and maintain the grid in a regulated industry. Telecommunications requires massive investments in infrastructure. The insurance sector is highly regulated and capital intensive. The auto industry is not only highly regulated, but OEMs and their network of tier suppliers have created deep knowledge in the industrialization of products and processes.

All of these industries are being disrupted by technological developments that enable new business models and create new ecosystems. RWVS develops the infrastructure, applications and services that will enable these industries to thrive.

The digital transformation promises a future where mobility is not only sustainable and zero emission, but shared and available on demand in a highly customized fashion. Such personalization of mobility services relies on data and the ability to translate such data into products and services that consumer’s value. Data has become the ultimate control point and is at the center of emerging business models. What are the future business models in this emerging ecosystem of mobility?


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Rocket Wagon Venture Studios helps to build startups for the cyber-physical world by providing a team of experienced entrepreneurs who also have strong experience in IoT and specific vertical expertise. The RWVS parent organization provides the architectural cyber-physical framework including considerations regarding devices, security, privacy, data governance and ownership, communications, and a broad range of analytics, as well as shared legal and financial services, underlying operational systems, and corporate relationships. The related subsidiary studios are vertically focused venture studios that combine entrepreneurial expertise to de-risk startups and accelerate them to market with vertically aligned, IoT specific expertise to drive targeted startups at higher valuations.

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