Chicago Business Leader, Community Developer and Real Estate Investor Yusef Jackson Joins the Advisory Board of Rocket Wagon Venture Studios

Highly respected entrepreneur to bring his vision for a smarter city of Chicago and cleaner, more connected and inclusive communities everywhere to studios including New Mobility, Network + Telecom and Industrial IoT

CHICAGO, IL.– December 10, 2019: Rocket Wagon Venture Studios today announced Yusef Jackson has joined their advisory board, contributing his considerable business and real estate development experience to the Chicago-based company. As an active member of the city’s vibrant innovation community, Jackson will provide support across all individual studios, while helping to identify new opportunities in Chicagoland for the advancement of environmental and economic development initiatives.

He joins a world class group of leaders, including Max Wolff, Managing Partner of Multivariate, Dr. Richard Soley, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Object Management Group and Executive Director of the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), Tony Wilkins, an early stage investor focused on disruptive products and services, and most recently Martha McGeary Snider, technology executive and cultural education philanthropist.

“Chicago is a great city with a future made even brighter by the connected systems being developed by top thinkers in the IoT space at Rocket Wagon Venture Studios,” Jackson said. “It is an honor to contribute to one of our most exciting new technology companies, and to help accelerate the adoption of smart building, smart transportation, smart city and smart region connected solutions and services which bring together the built and digital worlds to make lives better. When we invest in energy conservation and renewable energy, when we make communities cleaner and safer, and when we provide STEM educational programs, internships and career opportunities in the growing tech sector, we are lighting a path to a more sustainable future for all.”

“Yusef is an important part of our community, and now a valuable member of our team,” said Don DeLoach, founder and CEO, Rocket Wagon Venture Studios. “Not only will his guidance and commitment to the values we share bring meaningful improvements to the city we love, it will inform the development of systems that can have a positive, scalable impact on cities across America and throughout the world. We are deeply honored he has agreed to support this journey, bringing his experience in development and his business acumen to our team, our partners and our clients.”

About Rocket Wagon Venture Studios

Rocket Wagon Venture Studios helps to build startups for the cyber-physical world by providing a team of experienced entrepreneurs who also have strong experience in IoT and specific vertical expertise. The RWVS parent organization provides the architectural cyber-physical framework including considerations regarding devices, security, privacy, data governance and ownership, communications, and a broad range of analytics, as well as shared legal and financial services, underlying operational systems, and corporate relationships. The related subsidiary studios are vertically focused venture studios that combine entrepreneurial expertise to de-risk startups and accelerate them to market with vertically aligned, IoT specific expertise to drive targeted startups at higher valuations.
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