Rocket Wagon Venture Studios joins United for Infrastructure 2021, A Week of Education and Advocacy

May 10 – 15 is a week-long series of events raising awareness for our country’s infrastructure needs.

May 7, 2021; Washington, DC – Today, Rocket Wagon Venture Studios announced its participation in the annual national advocacy and educational event, United for Infrastructure 2021, that takes place from May 10 – 15, 2021. Across the country, businesses, labor organizations, and elected officials will come together to spread the message that the nation must #leadwithinfrastructure.

Don DeLoach, founder, and CEO of Rocket Wagon Venture Studios will be moderating a panel of experts, discussing Infrastructure Innovation Considerations and Examples that will Make a Material Difference as part of a week of events organized by United for Infrastructure highlighting opportunities to modernize infrastructure in the US.

While there are myriad technologies that will singularly or in combination be used in the modernization of our infrastructure, there are a number of specific examples of innovation that can make a clear and compelling difference. This panel will explore some of these examples and the associated considerations that accompany this progression.

Over the past 5-7 years we have seen nearly $35 billion invested in new digital and tech startups focusing on infrastructure, clean energy/renewables, and smart city solutions. In addition to this major trend of Innovation and Digitalization, America’s infrastructure industry will become “white hot” again similar to the 2018-2019 period and we will see rapid and wide-ranging advancements in the adoption and application of technology and digital solutions and the opportunities being seized by “first movers.”

The panelists will also forecast significant challenges that can impact this development in the private sector supply chain but mostly in the public agencies that will lead this industry surge. Factors such as the loss of senior, experienced leadership over the last year, plans to adopt new project delivery methods, struggles to adopt a comprehensives digital transformation, significant gaps in funding for major capital projects and programs, etc. will have wide-ranging impacts affecting the successful delivery of our new infrastructure.

This panel will examine how these challenges will affect both the private and public sector members of our industry and, more importantly, describe examples of how innovative public agencies and private companies are already taking actions to address these challenges so they will be ready for the wave of investment and project deal flow that will hit our industry in the very near future.


  • Eric Simone, CEO, Clearblade
  • Martin Rapos, CEO, AKULAR
  • Peter Torrellas, Partner / VP Siemens Advanta
  • Said Ouissal, CEO, ZEDEDA
  • Stefan Gaa, Global Product Owner, Bosch RefinemySite

The virtual event is free and open to the public and will take place Thursday, May 13, 2021, at 11:00 AM Eastern Time.

Attendees can register for the event here.

In 2021, United for Infrastructure and its coalition of more than 500 Affiliates from business, labor, and governments across America are calling on our leaders in Washington to LEAD WITH INFRASTRUCTURE.

Investments, policies, and reforms are urgently needed to keep people safe, to make our families healthier, our communities more resilient and equitable, to make jobs more prosperous and our economy secure. It is time for leaders in Congress and the administration to prioritize infrastructure. It is time to demonstrate the leadership the country needs.

America faces immense challenges: ending the COVID pandemic, rebuilding the American economy, mitigating and adapting to the climate crisis, and making our communities more just, livable, and equitable for everyone. Infrastructure is key to addressing each of these. Infrastructure can jumpstart the economy through strategic stimulus and keep people safe on their commute to work or drinking water from their tap. It enables people to work and learn remotely. It is the foundation of our society.

Now in its ninth year, United for Infrastructure unites diverse stakeholders to send one message to leaders in Washington and beyond. United for Infrastructure 2021 is led by a coalition of labor, business, and policy organizations and joined by hundreds of affiliates nationwide. Programming draws attention to the need to make better policy and invest in our roads, rails, pipes, ports, wires, and more.

“We are honored to be part of a week of important conversations that will help guide investments in bringing the economy back while modernizing the physical and digital infrastructure that will help keep America competitive, and will enhance the lives of hundreds of millions of people,” DeLoach said. “We appreciate the important work of the United for Infrastructure coalition, especially in 2021, a year of not only recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic, but of opportunity and growth as we improve our communities, schools, transportation systems, energy grids, and more. There has never been a more important time to bring the brightest minds together, in the public, private and philanthropic sectors, to exchange ideas and activate projects.”

United for Infrastructure Executive Director Zach Schafer says: “We are thrilled that Rocket Wagon Venture Studio has joined United for Infrastructure 2021. The state of America’s infrastructure is one of the nation’s most pressing issues. We know that investing in infrastructure can play a crucial role in our recovery, creating both short-term and long-term jobs that support middle-class families and allow communities to thrive. When we invest in infrastructure, we invest in ourselves.”


Register to attend the virtual event here.

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